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Alan F. Alford, B Com., FCA, MBA, is an independent researcher and author, who is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on ancient mythology and the origin of world religions. In 2003, he presented his theories on the Great Pyramid in "The Daily Mail" and on "The Richard and Judy Show" (Channel 4 television).

Born in 1961, Alan Alford gained a degree in Commerce from the University of Birmingham in 1982, became a qualified chartered accountant in 1985, and was awarded an MBA in 1993.

In the mid-1980s, Alan Alford became intrigued by the ‘ancient astronaut’ theory of Erich von Daniken, and began to devote a significant portion of his spare time to researching the ancient past, visiting the world’s ancient sites, and pondering the eternal questions of who we are and where we come from. As at 2003, he has visited more than twenty-four countries, including Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, China and Nepal, and he has personally carried out a seventeen-year literature study on the many opposing theories which attempt to explain the riddles of mankind’s mysterious past.

In 1996, Alan Alford self-published his first book ‘Gods of the New Millennium’, in support of the theory of ‘ancient astronaut’ visitation, and began to sell it worldwide via the Internet. Within a few months, the title was acquired by Hodder and Stoughton, who relaunched it in 1997, at which time it became a number eleven bestseller in the UK (it has subsequently been translated into nine languages). The praise received for this book makes it by far the most popular of his works - see Reviews.

Since turning full-time researcher in 1996, Alan Alford has published five further books.

In 1998, Alan Alford’s second book ‘The Phoenix Solution’ was published by Hodder and Stoughton. In this book, Alan focused his attention on the mysteries of ancient Egypt and argued that Egyptian myth described a catastrophic creation. This remarkable discovery – supported by the eminent historian Michael Rice who wrote the Foreword to the book – has shaped all of Alan’s subsequent work, and caused him to retract a key portion of the ancient astronaut ‘evidence’ which he cited in his first book.

In April 2000, Alan Alford’s third book ‘When The Gods Came Down’ was published by Hodder and Stoughton. In this book, Alan argued that the gods of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia personified the cataclysm of creation, and that the same idea, in occulted form, was to be found in the religions of Judaism and Christianity. Controversially, he argued that the crucifixion of Christ symbolised the cataclysmic death and rebirth of the Universe. ‘When The Gods Came Down’ is widely recognised as one of the boldest and most original books ever written on the subject of religion - see Reviews.

In October 2001, Alan Alford self-published his fourth book ‘The Atlantis Secret’, and began to sell it worldwide to a more limited and discerning readership. In this book, Alan demonstrated that the Greek gods too personified the cataclysm of creation, and that Plato had encoded this secret into his Theory of Forms, into his account of the creation of the Universe by the Demiourgos, and into his story of the war between Ancient Athens and Atlantis. Taking his lead from Plato, Alan brought out for the first time the highly spiritual nature of the cataclysm of creation. Quite remarkably, Alan won support for his theory of Atlantis from none other than Professor Christopher Gill of Exeter University in England – one of the world’s leading experts on Plato and the Atlantis story – who penned a Foreword to the book.

In May 2003, Alford self-published his fifth book ‘Pyramid of Secrets’, subtitled ‘The Architecture of the Great Pyramid Reconsidered in the Light of Creational Mythology’, in which he argued that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a symbol of the creation, a tomb for a king, and a sealed repository or time capsule in which the builders deposited sacred relics and scientific knowledge for the benefit of a future generation, or race of man. In his view, the Pyramid still contains an intact burial chamber, a number of intact secret passages, and several repository rooms whose contents will vindicate his theory of Egyptian religion.

In October 2004, Alan self-published his magnum opus 'The Midnight Sun', subtitled 'The Death and Rebirth of God in Ancient Egypt', in which he demonstrated that Egyptian religion was not a cult of the sun but a cult of creation. As proof of his theory, he pinpointed the exact location of the undiscovered tomb of Khufu - Egypt's greatest pyramid builder - hidden in a network of caves beneath the Great Pyramid, and invited the authorities to put his theories to the test.

Prior to becoming a full-time author, Alan Alford worked as a chartered accountant for several medium-sized PLCs in the UK, gaining experience in the construction, aerospace and water supply industries.

Alan Alford gained his chartered accountancy qualification with first-time passes in 1985. He gained his degree in Commerce from the University of Birmingham in 1982 (2:1 honours with distinction in business decision-making). His MBA was awarded by Coventry University in 1993. His GMAT score for MBA admission was 680 points, placing him in the top 4 per cent of those graduates taking the exam.

Alan Alford is married, with no children as yet, and he lives in Southampton, England.

Alan Alford has no religious or political affiliations.

Alan’s hobbies include: fitness training; meteorite-collecting; motorcycling; mountain biking; music and hi-fi; reading; skiing; travelling; and hill walking.

Alan’s aims in life are: firstly, to achieve personal spiritual enlightenment; and secondly, to lay the groundwork for an eventual unification of all the world’s religions.

Contact Information:
Alan F. Alford
c/o Eridu Books
71 Sirdar Road
SO17 3SH
Tel/Fax: within UK 02380 559499 or 07000 772000; from overseas +44 2380 559499.

Email: send to "alford" at the domain "eridu dot co dot uk". Or, better still, replace "alford" by the name of the chief Sumerian god of Eridu (four letters). If you experience a problem contacting the "alford" address, this will mean that I have abandoned it - a likely prospect owing to the flood of spam that has turned this mailbox into a cesspit of filth.

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