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The following testimonials have already been received:

"One of the best books ever done in this field (and) the best color slides ever."
Lloyd Pye, author 'Everything You Know is Wrong', 23/3/98.

"Your book is the most important scientific academic portrayal of the truth of human origins, religions and the reality of flesh-and-blood gods, EVER written!"
Star Love Network Journal October 1997.

"Persuasive and convincing, some major discoveries... The total vision he presents really does offer a new solution."
New Dawn Magazine/Robert Ledwidge, Independent Review Sept-Oct 1997.

"A masterly work... conclusions beyond reasonable doubt."
David Wood, author of the worldwide-acclaimed 'Genesis', 'Geneset' and 'Poussin's Secret'.

"Plenty of new ideas, well written, highly readable and very controversial."
Robert Bauval, author 'The Orion Mystery' and 'Message of the Sphinx/Keeper of Genesis'.

"Be prepared to be blown away by theories which may literally change your life."
Alien Encounters magazine, December 1996.

"A literary rarity - full of fascinating and original ideas... a must-read for Sitchin fans."
AA and ES magazine, January 1997.

"Fans of Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval will be intrigued by this book" [ref. gods' star-clock theory].
UFO Magazine (UK), Nov/Dec 1996.

"The importance of this book goes far beyond a revision of mankind's history. If Alford is correct regarding the genetic basis of the god's apparent immortality, then the implications are profound indeed."
Alien Encounters magazine, December 1996.

"This book is well worth studying because it expands the boundaries of the knowable."
Nexus Magazine, Dec 96-Jan 97.

"A powerful link to what is currently happening concerning UFOs amongst other things."
Richard Forsyth, editor Sightings magazine.

"Challenging throughout its 450+ pages, and packing the best color photo section ever brought to an ancient astronaut book, "Gods of the New Millennium" should quickly muscle its way into your collection. If space is short, try moving a few Von Daniken books out of the way."
Arcturus Books, December 1996.

"The many line illustrations and excellent color plates, coupled with the author's excellent writing style, make this a very readable book. Thoroughly recommended and hard to put down."
Review in "Ancient Skies" Jan-Feb 1997 by George T. Sassoon, co-author of the "Manna Machine."

"One of the most factually sound and exciting books to be released for over a decade."
Marcus Walker, author of "UFOS: The Biblical Connection."

"This is not merely an updating of previous ancient contact works. Alford introduces much that is new to the debate."
Enigma Magazine, Issue 3, March 1997.

"Even skeptics will find the book worthwhile for its pinpointing of unsolved mysteries that mainstream historians and archaeologists prefer to evade rather than address."
Fate Magazine June 1997.

"A large and explicit volume, which is very easy to read and fully understandable. Alford's claims may not be too far away from the truth."
UFO Reality June/July 1997.

"Important if true (!)."
London Evening Standard, 9 June 1997.

"A landmark work of scholarly depth and perspective, an honest in-your-face challenge to the Archaeological status-quo. Get this book and read it for the sake of your own evolution even if you have to hock the cat!"
Neil Freer, author "Breaking the Godspell".

Comments from the Less Famous...

"Fabulous, momentous, will become a classic. You should be nominated for a Nobel Prize! Your book has eclipsed everything I have read before. It is "up there" as a pinnacle of research and common sense.
Steve Stavrinou, London 25/6/97.

"The most impressive and amazing thing is your age [36]. The majority of people your age still pose the questions, while you are giving the answers. For this, I am placing you alongside Mozart in music and Einstein in physics."
Anna Davenport, Florida, 26/8/97.

"An incredible book. As with all important works, the content speaks for itself."
Gisela Daniels,

"Very fascinating, particularly your idea of the Great Pyramid being a technical device."
Jonathan Meyer, Israel.

"Having read Bauval and Hancock etc, this looks to be an enlightening study."
Adam Vanryne, England.

"An exceptional paradigm shift, with many new and well thought-out conclusions to age old questions. You have produced a truly remarkable amalgamation of various complex sciences, culminating in the most comprehensive magnum opus on man's history. I laud you on your accomplishments."
Steve Johnson,

"You have achieved a scholarly feat and by no means a small one. I honour you for having embarked on this journey!"

"It's a marvellous book... a valuable message and an important statement of human development"
Ricardo Harari, Mexico City.

"Your work of verification and expansion/revision of parts of the [Sitchin] theories is extremely important. The book is beautiful and well written... and the color plates are exquisite!"
Mary Marrs, Laytonsville, USA.

"I have been reading around this subject for about 5 years at a rate of about 2-3 books per week. I can only say that the arguments and chronologies you lay out in your book are the most coherent I have come across."
Adam Williams, Hong Kong.

"It is a fascinating work. I shall look forward to further books from you."
Dr Stuart W. Greenwood, USA.

"I am ordering another copy for my son... your book came like a breath of fresh air... It is a great book with splendid photographs and illustrations."
Eric Crew, England.

"Loved your book... Incredible amount of research and great insight."
Frank Astourian.

"Thank you for writing this book. I was highly impressed, and it has made an indelible impact on my view of life."
Scott Field, USA.

"Enlightening! I have made so many markers in the book of names, places and events that the pages are dog-eared!"
Mike Lockwood Jnr, Texas USA.

"Thank you for your absolutely stunning book! It is changing the way I perceive life. You have such a widespread knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, archaeology, theology, genetics and at the same time the ability to make it understandable to the layman."
Daniel Braunschweig, Glastonbury, England.

"Congratulations on your super presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it cover to cover. I also would like to mention the structure of your work. It is well balanced and very different in style, which I like, especially the overview at the end of each chapter."
Calvin Girvin, Los Angeles, USA.

"I consider your book to be possibly the finest work ever written on the subject of human origins. It is supremely relevant, mind-boggling, realistic, splendid and incomparable, and should become a standard reference work."
Tor Erikson, Florida USA, 17.11.96

"I rate your work very highly - it is a tremendous achievement and your argumentation seems rock solid."
Eberhard Schneider, Germany, 8.10.96

"An excellent work. Everything you have written makes sense because you can back up what you say with evidence."
David Smith, Glastonbury, 10.11.96

"Your presentation of the history of our planet is truly awesome. Archaeologists all over the world will be foaming at the mouth when the word gets around."
Kenneth McCulloch, Canada, 11.11.96

"I congratulate you on producing a tremendous tour-de-force of all the questions raised by so many open-minded and thinking people."
Gurth Walton, South Africa, 16.9.96

"The book is very impressive... and its content is quite stimulating, even for a sceptical archaeologist such as myself!"
Anthony Eccles, BUFORA.

"A fascinating account which I have read with great interest and passion."
Roy Baranes, Israel.

"I enjoyed reading your book, which has become a very treasured possession."
Wendy Munro, UK.

"The best book we ever read on ancient knowledge - a Bible of what was and someday may be again."
Mark Tyler and Cynthia Theriault.

"Bought your book as the website was so professional; it has more than met my expectations."

"Thank you for correcting many of Mr Sitchin's mistakes."
Thomas Stubbs, USA.

"The thoroughness of your research and the clarity with which you presented your theories will stand as an example and an inspiration to me throughout my academic career."
Cynthia Tisley, Canada.

"Well done on a fabulous book!!! I couldn't put it down... I take my hat off to you for your effort and insight. You've convinced me. This book is a must read!!"
Bradley Scott, Australia.

"I consider your work now an integral part of my own belief."
D.J. Sherburn.

"Thank you for such an extremely thought-provoking book. There are so many things you mention that I'd never thought about, yet it makes sense."
Toby Doig 30/6/97.

"I consider Sitchin to be the most important writer of the century. I have just finished your book and wish to tell you that I am most impressed."
Bob Stelle, Colorado, 19/6/97.

"Competely enjoyable! You should be congratulated on your book and on your findings, bravo!"
Julien Adler, 15.7.97.

"Excellent. I've been longing for someone to come out of the shadows with an alternative to either evolution or the Creation theories."
Alex Sharp (16) 16/7/97.

"Fantastic! It was a very smart move to take a purely scientific approach to this subject."
Miklos Power 19/6/97.

"I finished your wonderful book and as promised I sent it on to Mel Gibson."
Janet Smart, England, June 1997.

"An important marker in intellectual development: it will always serve as an educational Rubicon: our state of mind BEFORE Sitchin and Alford - and AFTER Sitchin and Alford."
Anna Davenport, Florida, 26/8/97.

Comments on the quality of production

"It is marvellously bound, with high quality paper. A true jewel among the bookworld."
Star Love Network Journal, October 1997.

"Alford must be congratulated on the first edition. It is beautifully presented, typeset and illustrated, an example of the great power of the individual."
New Dawn Magazine/Robert Ledwidge, Independent Review, Sept-Oct 1997.

"The quality of publication and presentation is fabulous (colour photographs show so much more detail) - worth every penny."
Adam Vanryne, England.

"The photographs are excellent, it's really good to actually see photos of Baalbek rather than drawings..."
Chris Fowler, England.

"This book was the best value that I have ever invested in. I didn't expect such very high quality printing, the vast number of photographs and drawings, and the thickness/length."
Scott Field, USA.

"I am especially impressed by your photos and the high quality of the plates in your book."
Wally Motloch, California, USA

"Magnificent colour photographs and illustrations."
UFO Magazine, Nov/Dec 1996.

"You have my deepest admiration for the quality of the production."
David Wood, author 'Genesis', 'Geneset' and 'Poussin's Secret', 14.9.96

"She's a beauty."
Patrick Huyghe, editor OMNI magazine, 8.11.96

"Donnerwetter! Wow, incredible! I would have decided to purchase the book from looking at the dust jacket alone. The colour photographs are of superb quality."
Eberhard Schneider, Germany, 8.10.96

"No expense was spared in the production of this book."
AA and ES magazine, January 1997.

"The quality and design of this piece of unique art is great. Thank you."
Ricardo Harari, Mexico City.

Copyright Notice

'These pages are the copyright of Eridu Books 2004. The images and diagrams are the copyright of Alan Alford or of other photographers, where indicated. Eridu Books welcomes the reproduction and dissemination of these pages, in original, unaltered form, for non-commercial purposes, but permission must be sought for any other usage, other than 'fair dealing' quotations.'

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