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'Superbly well written... I think your theories at least deserve a fair hearing.'
Lloyd Pye, author 'Everything You Know Is Wrong'.

'By analysing the ancient texts with a fresh approach, Alford explodes the myths that are intrinsic to religious beliefs. His thesis deserves attention, but be warned: you'll never look at religion the same way again.' Ruth Parnell for Nexus Magazine, 7:5 (Aug-Sept 2000).

'I have just read your amazing new book "When The Gods Came Down". After starting it I have to say how difficult it was to put down! The origins of religion, and in particular the origins of Judaism and Christianity, have long enthralled me... I was also aware of the many similarities between the Judaeo-Christian tradition and many other pagan belief systems. The fact that they all shared a flood myth, for example, or an original human couple, seemed to indicate, to me at least, that perhaps they were all based on a shared original event or story. Until now I have been unable to fully work out what this may have been. After reading your book however, I am convinced I have found the answer - exploded planet cults! Your ideas on this make perfect sense. Descriptions found in Egyptian, Mesopotamian and other writings fit the description of meteorites, and hence an exploded planet, like a glove. Your discovery is Earth-shattering (please excuse the pun)!'
John Turner,

'Many authors are jumping on the bandwagon now we are in the Millennium year, but none have offered quite such a convincing explanation that your research has turned up... I am busily recommending your work to everyone I meet who is interested in the subject.'
Rick Comber,

'I just finished reading your latest book. I admire your ability to read those pagan myths with eyes that really see and ears that really hear... As for your magnificent meteorite-theory I will only add this: as a healer I'm well aware of the strong vibrations of precious stones and the fact that matter is congealed energy! So what about the hidden energy that those meteorite-gods took with them? He who has ears, let him hear...'
Joey Stardancer,

'I've been reading for two days and finally finished your book. Its like finally I've let my eyes become open. Now I feel like I want to shout to the whole world this is the answer, it's logical, scientifically possible, it answers many questions... it feels right, this feels like the right answer... I love the idea of Gods being planets and Jesus being a meteorite; creation seen like this seems wonderful... I've read almost everything Graham Hancock has written, also Robert Bauval, Andrew Collins, the Flemaths, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Chris Morton, Ceri Thomas and Laurence Gardner. The culmination of your book after so many other books seems to have put everything into perspective.'
Jan Liddington,

'They say if you want to fill your cup then first get rid of the junk you are carrying around in it. I have been floating around for years. Finally a real raft has appeared on the horizon Well done!!! A platform at last! Your raft needs an anchor, but at the very least it floats. Please don't wait too long with your 4th book. I and many others all wait with eager anticipation.'
Colin Meiklejohn,

'Very thought provoking... put my belief system to a test. I want so much for Sitchin to be right and you are not making it easy!'
Wally Motloch,

'Many thanks for your fine book - extremely courageous. As a retired publisher and author in my own right I know the real McCoy when I see it. Have found no great grounds for disagreement, rather the contrary.'
Bruce Main-Smith,

'I have all three of your books... a quite remarkable "Trilogy" which no serious truth seeker should be without !'
Rick Comber,

"I have just finished your book "When the Gods Came Down". WOW! I have long felt that religion was based upon myth and myth based upon fact and this book blew me away! There is no doubt in my mind that you are at least on the right track and I have to say that I have never, until now, read anything that I could agree with 100%. Initially I was not sure about the book due to your "U-turn" so to speak but I attended the Glasgow launch as I felt that if I did not I could not say that I had a truly "open" mind. Am I glad that I did! Congratulations on an excellent piece of work and also on the masterstroke of first combining the Mesopotamian and Egyptian religions and myths before tackling Christianity!"
Alan McGourlay,

"One of the very best books I ever read!!! Reading this book is just like reading a very special kind of thriller - a thriller about the truth that had been hidden in the lies of the past, about this world, its history and ourselves. In the end, it all makes so much sense, and your explanations are so very logical that I asked myself again and again: 'Why didn't anybody else say this before?' Yes, your 'common sense revolution' is the perfect word for this great book!."
Christiane Mueller,

"Suddenly the reader sees the truth - the truth not of a religion but of Religion itself, a truth that seems irrefutable and downright embarrassing, a truth that solves all those biblical riddles. I don't consider myself more or less a Christian having read this book than when I started, but I understand more about religion and God now than I ever thought I would. The truth will out, and if you haven't read this book by then you're going to feel pretty stupid!"
Jon East, England

"'When The Gods Came Down' is a masterpiece! Your hypothesis can explain the solar system as we see it today; why Mars was once habitable (in a closer orbit to the Sun); why Mars has the largest volcano, 'Olympus Mons', (formed by a gigantic asteroid/meteorite impact); the obvious one: the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter - the remnants of an exploded planet?; why Venus may have been 'shoved' closer to the Sun, due to orbital decay, thus trapping the atmosphere it once had; why Mars has asteroids as moons; and why comets are still knocking around in our neighbourhood."

(Author's note: 'WTGCD is more about religion than science; nevertheless this reader has done well to note the amazing correlations between ancient religions and modern astronomical science.)

"I am completely astonished by what you have accomplished. I keep saying to myself, upon reading the majority of what you wrote, "he did it... he actually did it!"
Earl Hazell,

"I was very impressed by the "anthropomorphic wall" idea that you said separates people mentally from appreciating the reality of the original concepts and raison d"etre of religion as we know it today, and as it was known to generations millennia ago. It is amazing how you diagnosed an age old problem, facing mankind in religion for centuries, asserting itself in the seemingly controversial and cutting edge ideas of the Sitchin's ancient ET school of thought. That was beautiful from a psychological standpoint alone, and it both justified and reaffirmed your paradigm shift and subsequent break from them, similar to the way Jung broke from Freud, or Nietzsche from Wagner. I was equally impressed and affected by your near refutation of de Santillana's "Hamlet's Mill." Without going into a major thing on that, I think you are right that we must look beyond it as you do. I think what is most important, however, is that we just not hold on to his reclamation of a level of consciousness like a fetish. Once we are willing to look beyond it being the ultimate theory of everything, we can see what that theory may actually be, and how well it was (and perhaps is) known. The work of Frazer, "the Golden Bough", seemed to swallow up all the philosophising and theologizing that came before it and create a paradigm shift and ascension of consciousness unable to ignore. De Santillana, in his reclamation of Dupuis and Higgins, seem to do that above and beyond Frazer. And yet Frazer is not refuted; he is just now seen and appreciated in his proper context. Your work astounds me because I think you have now done the same thing to de Santillana. You've opened up the next and perhaps final door to the graduate level Mystery school. Congratulations. You have done the world a great service. Your discoveries will outlive you."
Earl Hazell,

"Many authors are jumping on the bandwagon, but none have offered quite such a convincing explanation that your research has turned up... A quite remarkable 'Trilogy' which no serious truth seeker should be without!'
Rick Comber,

"Stimulating and compelling.'
Steve Frost,

"I have read the book, read the article that was not published by the newspaper and have read the interview (Daily Grail)... I have read several Sitchin books and I am a mason in the USA... and I say "YOU HAVE NAILED IT!!" Well done. You can't get to Z without going through A, B, C... you did not make a mistake. I want to hold on to the book but... I told the recorder at the shrine in M------- that I will gift the book to the Scottish rite there."
A Mason in the USA

"I have just read the best book I have ever read in my life. Thank you for a truly remarkable read. This book ought to become a classic, but as you say yourself, your discoveries will remain largely untold..."
David Kerr,

"Alan Alford did something with his new book that will make his name known for ever... If Jesus was playing a role in his own Passion play, aren't we all still applauding? It's time to tell the people that perhaps Santa Claus had a brother! 'When The Gods Came Down' is in my opinion the most powerful rebirth ever. Thank you."
Mr P. Zandstra,

"Having read "The Phoenix Solution" (a brilliant book), I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied by an author's follow-on in my life. I would suggest the only appropriate word is "OUTSTANDING". If you are at all interested in alternative history in general, buy this book 'When The Gods Came Down' (better still, buy both) and give yourself a treat. I promise you that you won't be disappointed!"
David Kerr,

"Alan Alford has created an intellectual paradigm shift of such domino falling proportions that it will probably take a decade at the absolute least before WHEN THE GODS CAME DOWN becomes recognized or ignored for the incredible service to world culture it is... In short, Alford reveals the one sublime, ancient religion UNDERNEATH the many modern world religions as we have come to know them, in their ‘dumbed down’ form; from Christian fundamentalism to Ancient Astronaut/Extraterrestrial fundamentalism. In so doing, he reaffirms the majesty and human truth within them all. He also simultaneously obliterates the relevance of a divisive literal/fundamentalist interpretation of any of their literature, theology or perspectives... My test for the far reaching influence and power of any theorist - particularly of the wannabe revolutionary kind - is three-fold. One, their theory must be completely plausible; i.e. not needing simple revolt from detractors and complimentary but poorly explained aspects of ITSELF to proclaim and rationalize its essential relevance. Two, it must have the ability to completely encapsulate the foundational principles, concepts and findings of the other competitive theories as a part of its own. It must be able to explain the essences of the other traditional, historical and competitive theories as simply cogs in the wheel of the grand unifying theme that is the one they propose. And third, perhaps most important of all, it has to excite me. WHEN THE GODS CAME DOWN does this on all counts. In light of everything from Bauval, Hancock, and West, to de Santillana, von Dechend and Thompkins, to Martin Bernal, to Michael Rice, straight back to Breasted and Budge, Massey and deLubicz, duPuis and Frankfort, and all of the French and German schools of Egypt- and Assyriology... Alford has seemingly united their perspectives under one foundational principle that is seemingly the key to understanding all of the ancient and most of the modern spiritual world. It is comparable to the theories of many of the others I have named. However, in its ability to make them all a part of his theoretical framework as he explains their paradigmatic shortcomings - and excite you while doing so - it far surpasses them. This book answers more questions than it raises. Try reading it, and looking at anything regarding culture, religion, the spirit and scientific news the same. I cannot recommend it enough."
Earl Hazell, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer,

"I finally finished reading your last two books and I must agree with previous readers that you have made an amazingly outstanding and revealing study. Most people like myself, who are in an uncertain state of mind concerning their faith, will experience a relief after reading your work, because most questions they have are answered through your effort."
W.A. van Oort,

"I have just finished reading ‘When the Gods Came Down’ and may I say I was enthralled. I found your research to be exhaustive, your suppositions logical and your conclusions to be highly probable... many thanks and congratulations on a wonderful book."
Steve Light,

"Thanks for writing such enlightening books. I look foward to the next one..." Andreas,

"Just finished reading ‘When the Gods Came Down’. Very interesting. Presume you've seen today's Telegraph (April 5, 2001)? Page 13, two paragraphs on 'Tar based meteorite seeds' being the basis of life on earth. Incredible. Great work. Keep persevering."
John Flesher,

"Congratulations to you on your latest book. I think you're really on to something"
Jayne Burton,

"Overflowing with interesting research."
Bob Fitchett,

"Refreshing... I want to thank you for your most interesting book, ‘When the Gods Came Down’. I found it most interesting and admire your straightforwardness and the amount of research you must have down, plus the courage to express views not often well received. Look forward to your new publications."
Denis Lovell,

"The possibilities of ‘another truth’, mentioned in this book, are revolutionary."
Hans Boekhorst,

"I have the deepest respect for your conclusions built upon your extensive research which must have been considerable... I’m sure... this is the next best book I’ve ever read."
Allan Blakstad,

"First, I want to admit that I have never seen a more thorough study, explaining each minor step (sometimes tantalizing my patience) especially in the first part of your book (until you come to the part of the Bible/New Testament) except for real university studies. Although I consider your ideas still as a theory, I must clearly state that this is the first time that, although many questions are left, your statement that it is internally consistent really fits."
Hans van Hoek,

"...and in the beginning Man created God. I've just finished reading your book "When The Gods Came Down". Overall a thoroughly-researched, well-written and highly enjoyable book. I devoured every page of it. I quote from your book, ‘perhaps this rational non-belief is the beginning of wisdom.’ I couldn't agree more. I'm looking forward to your next masterpiece."
Warlock Terces,

"I have read ‘When the Gods Came Down’ several times since. This book is my ‘Bible’ and I go back to it very often to read different passages... I think it is strange that your theories haven’t been discussed before (or now for that matter). It is all so logical and plausible and there is really no evidence that could dismiss the exploded planet/meteorites theory... I truly admire your work and I'm eagerly awaiting your upcoming book... the feeling of being enlightened (in a non religious way) is the best thing!"
Anders Elmgren,

"Firstly just to say thank you, a big BIG thank you for the personal sacrifices and lengths that you have gone to, to provide 'the masses' (of which I am one!) with the results of your research... the work and research that you have done (and hopefully will continue to do) is 'vital' to humanities search for the 'truth'. I admire you and your work."
Alastair Crew,

"Thanks for a great book."
Derrick Nesbit,

"I am just sending this short note to say thank you. I am currently 290 pages through ‘When the Gods Came Down’, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am not religious in any way, but I still found that I could not ENTIRELY agree with the theories proposed by other authors, though they each have very good points. Your latest book has not only opened me up to a new common sense theory, but has also tied up all the points you have raised leaving no loose ends. It's a credit to you that you have made a subject that is very difficult to understand, readable. Congratulations."
Cody Wilson,

"One of my hobbies is researching the origins of human belief systems. Your book offered much useful material and insights."
Larry Miller,

"I have enjoyed very much reading your book although it is... pulling down all my childish learnings. What’s left of mysteries to solve?"
Jorgen Jeberg,

"I have been reading your book ‘When the Gods Came Down’, it makes many interesting points; I think that you might be onto something with these meteorites."
Roger Anderton,

"Many, many thanks for your tremendous courage and perceptivity. I feel as if the
dross is slowly clearing."
Brenda Skeath,

"Dear Alan, your work is like a breath of fresh air in the stench of lies and cover ups. ‘When The Gods Came Down’ is a revolutionary piece of work, with lots of food for thought. I was amazed when, on watching a documentary on TV about the birth of Islam, one of their most sacred things is a black stone."
Rob Whiteside,

"Excellent book! I think this is the expected answer for me. I am a Buddhist who is interested in comparative religion, especially Christianity!!"
Kamol Sirisamut,

"The thesis you put forward in ‘When the Gods Came Down’ is by far the most plausible theory I have hitherto read on the rational origins of certain religious traditions..."
Noel Rooney,

"I think your thorough research work really makes a breakthrough in understanding where myths and religions in the past are coming from."
Erik Rutten,

"I must congradulate you on a job well done."
Mark Hanley,

"I have just finished your book 'When the Gods Came Down'. Congratulations, a fascinating piece and one that I am sure is provoking a lot of reaction and not a few hassles. I am an academic and found the book particularly satisfying in a number of aspects at a personal and intellectual level."
Dr Paul-Alan Johnson,

"I wish to thank you for your book, 'When the Gods Came Down'. It was a strange experience. As you, I started with the first book of von Daniken... I admit it took me some time to really understand what you were up to, but then it struck me like lightning... I ended the book, and used the Christmas holiday just to get used to the idea, which I see is the right answer I have sought for so long. But on the same time, I just feel I am at the beginning for a new search. So, in short, I am very glad I found your book. I thank you again, and look forward to your next book."
Arne Borg,

"I have just had the good fortune to have read your 'When the Gods Came Down'. May God bless you for your efforts and give you all the power to carry on. I am proud that a fellow chartered accountant has written what I sincerely believe is a genuine classic."
Shivdas R. Balsekar,

"I have just finished reading the above book and it was great... Many thanks for the wonderful books and just keep on exploring and opening peoples’ minds."
Duane Steele,

"I just can´t put this book down, I simply love it. It is so full of new explanations for the way of how our ancient ancestors used to think."
Asgeir Valur Sigurdsson,

"First of all I must say with gratitude that you have opened new and fresh views to the muddled field of old mythology. After reading your book ‘When the Gods Came Down’ and after that again ‘The Phoenix Solution’, I was so excited that I just had to take a fresh look at our Finnish national mythology ‘Kalevala’ and other folklore."
Heikki Humina,

"Interesting and well-argued."
Sean Robinson,

"I salute you Alan, as I recognise that you are a very rare kind of individual capable of independent thought with the kind of integrity to voice your truth as you have found it, and as you have observed it, despite all of history as we know it. And that is demonstrating courage with a capital C. And that is integrity, and there is no other kind of integrity. Alan, thank you for having taken the time, and to have done the research and to have written this book... You are certainly going in the right direction, but alas the masses will remain oblivious. As a matter of fact, even if you present them with this knowledge on a golden platter, they will prefer the comfort of the lie."
Jane Parker,

"Well written, well researched, well thought out but, dare I say... a bit early for this kind of knowledge to be revealed, and all at once no less. Ahhhh well. The one thing that shall save us though is something you said in one of your interviews I read on-line: ‘The only people who will find it are those who go searching for the hidden knowledge.’ Truly as it should be."
Axle the wise,

"‘When the Gods Came Down’ has been a wonderful read I couldn't put it down. It makes great sense to me... I don't think that you have over-stepped the mark, but have hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for shedding the light, be it the light of an exploding planet, that might dispel the darkness, and free us from the bullshit."

“Your book was marvellous, especially the way you methodically set everything up... Thanks for the wonderful read.”
Howard Graves,

“I’ve just finished to read your book ‘When The Gods Came Down’ (the Italian title ‘Quando gli dei scesero sulla terra’). Your book is one of more convincing theory of religion history.”

“I’m re-reading ‘When Gods Came Down’ for third time and I’m getting more and more convinced from your interpretations of myths and religions. I think everyone who’s asking himself questions for the meaning of our existence must read this great book!”
Dimitar Dimitrov,

“To say I was god-smacked after reading the above mentioned book, would be a total understatement. You have done me the service of confirming many things I have been given over these past 30 years.”

“I have just completed reading your expose of the roots of western religion - Christianity. I am greatly indebted to you for the monumental effort which has gone into the research and collation of the material which underlines your theory. It is detailed, very well presented and argued convincingly... Your work has opened for me the last window in one area of interest – the source of Old Testament ‘truth’ and the origins of the Jesus story... Coming from a background of rather intense Catholic indoctrination, it has been a long road for me to reach the point where I would like to believe that I am one of the few within the category of your Homo religiosus sapiens... I have closed the pages of your book and I feel quite refreshed by it. I too have two lungs full of fresh air and my mind is crystal clear on the issues. You have done me a great service.”
Sean MacCormaic,

“I have just completed reading ‘When the Gods Came Down’ and take this opportunity to thank you for a very interesting and thought provoking read... There has to be alternate solutions or probable scenarios for what has happened in the past and I believe your research and theories based on ancient Egyptian/Sumerian recollections of their beliefs and traditions is touching or getting closer to all those underlying questions we are faced with as humans living in the 21st century.”
David Buttel,

“I have just finished reading your book, and found it to be one of the easiest to read and understand of this genre that I have seen in some time. My congratulations on your accomplishment with this book.”
Richard M. Bell,

“I recently finished reading your book ‘When The Gods Came Down’. You explained it rather well and I found it rather easy to read... Before reading your book I read ‘The Bible Unearthed’ by Isreal Finkelstein and Neil Silberman... Luckily I stumbled upon your book and have a better understanding.”
Ernesto Dobson,

“Very convincing.”
P.R. Brown,

“Excellent read!... Keep up the great work!”
Robert Hirschmann,

“Most enlightening.”

“I’ve just finished your book and enjoyed it immensely. I agree with your findings... Good research!”Claudia Ruhland,

“I read your book titled ‘When The Gods Came Down’ and thought it was brilliant. There are so many connections from your work to the Bible Code discovered by Eliyahu Rips it is frightening. Well done.”
Jem Belcher,

“Sir, you are a genius; you rival Stephen Hawking; the endless pleasure I have received reading and re-reading your excellent books is indescribable. I feel as though everything I have ever learnt before reading your books was a waste of time. I am so proud to know that a fellow Englishman is investigating the Mystery of Existence and has got it right. To anyone seeking enlightenment, I always advise “Read Alan F. Alford” Believe me, you have a huge following in Australia.”
Chris Robinson, N.S.W., Australia.

On Alan Alford’s U-turn since Gods of the New Millennium
"I have just read your first book ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ and was intrigued and excited by the theories it proposes. However, imagine the disappointment I felt when I then came to your website to find a retraction of most of the book. Nevertheless, I must congratulate you on this stance; it is refreshing to see that authors do indeed reflect on past work and put forward a reasoned argument against their own work. Finally, once again, I thank you for your honesty."
Wayne Davison,

"Congratulations on having the bravery to revise your theories when new investigations contradicted them."
Julian Barber,

"Just a note to tell you how much I am fascinated and enjoy your well researched information. Also, I enjoy seeing you grow with each book published. Usually authors stick with the same conclusions; however your ability to see alternate thoughts is inspiring. What I am referring to is the contrast between ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ and the two works which followed. I have been studying this area of knowledge for about ten years and I thank you for all your hard work. I wish you all the best in your efforts to bring this fascinating material to light."
Jericho Wehage,

"I much admired your courage in your ability to change your mind, and yet still keep it open for I am sure this is a great way forward. Ask your associates that knock you. Do we not learn by putting our mistakes right? And best not to create more cloud by perpetuating them. I hope you go on with your learning and extend your platform to us all, as I am sure you will."
David Dutton,

"I've just finished reading ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ and loved it, only to find out you have discredited your own book on the website! I do commend you for having the guts to do this, and it goes to show that you are looking at the problems with a scientific point of view rather than making up a story then trying to prove it.
Guy Sellers,

"I read all three of your books recently, and I firstly want to congratulate you on not letting pride get in the way when you realized that you might be wrong in your theory of a blood and flesh god instead of the planetary body as you now believe it to be representative of. Writing the new book was evidence of not falling into the trap of many scientists fearful of being criticized, and I feel it just strengthens your
accreditation as an objective scientist and those are the ones that make history. Keep up the good work."
Jon Taylor,

"Firstly, I always find it refreshing when an author can change his mind - as you evidently have done since writing your early Sitchinesque work, ‘Gods of the New Millennium’."
Adam Crowl,

"So you've had a rethink. Well I am a firm believer that it is a man’s right to do so. Those who now will not allow you to speak at their meetings etc because you no longer think the same way as them are doing themselves a dis-service. They commit the same 'crime' as the scientists and --ologists who suffer from tunnel vision when to them, anything other than the established theories must be nonsense."
Peter McIntosh,

"I would like to congratulate you on having the balls to look back at 'Gods of the New Millennium' and point out that some of your theories were flawed. It shows to me that you are more genuine than any other author, or scientist for that matter, in that you can genuinely admit you were wrong."
Chris MacDonald,

"Having just finished your first book, I must say that it caused a great sensation - causing me to reconsider many of the positions which, up to that point, had been considered sacrosanct... My interest prompted me to eagerly visit your website. I had hoped, as many I assume have, to find more of the same in your subsequent works. My reaction was it would seem, one to which you have become accustomed. It might be characterized as a combination of surprise, disappointment and admiration. But this is certainly not a hate letter. Nor is it one of bitter condemnation of your abandonment of seemingly cherished beliefs. Initially, I must applaud your great intellectual courage in your act of ‘polarity reversal’. I certainly intend to support your further research by reading both of your new books."
Brad Danbrook,

"For those accusing you of working for the CIA, it looks like the extreme Sitchin supporters are falling into the trap of locking themselves into their own paradigm prison and their refusal to look at new information will keep them there forever."
Daniel Perez,

"What a wonderful suprise hearing back from you. It is truly a gift to find someone who is willing to grow, change, and develop in thought especially in an area of knowledge where most tend to find a solution or theory that works for them and they stick with it like a dog with a bone. It is refreshing to be offered a totally different perspective especially when it comes from the same writer. Alan, you know there is truly no pat answer to all the mysteries in the world but all the evidence is out there and I really admire you for reaching out to it and being willing to take another path of thought when you believe in it. I believe the only answer in life and its mysteries is to remain teachable and not close off onself to all the possibilities. Your books have truly been gifts to many people, myself included. Definitely keep me informed about the upcoming book on Atlantis. I have been studying this information since I was eight years old. I am now 40! That’s a long time! Your books are at the top of my list."
Jericho Wehage,

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