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“This book provides some fascinating new insights and an admirably clear point of access to the perennially powerful story of Atlantis. Strong points include the firm focus on the Greek evidence, the close examination of the mythical background, and the striking new hypothesis of the exploded planet myth.”
Professor Christopher Gill, University of Exeter.*

* Christopher Gill is Professor of Ancient Thought and Head of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter in England, and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on Plato and the Atlantis story. His published work includes: 'Plato: The Atlantis Story' (Duckworth, 1980), an essay in 'Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World', edited by C. Gill and T.P. Wiseman (University of Exeter Press, 1993), 'Form and Argument in Late Plato', edited by C. Gill and M.M. McCabe (Oxford University Press, 1996) and 'Plato: The Symposium', a new translation with introduction and notes (Penguin Classics, 1999). In addition, he is the editor of an internet journal entitled Plato (

“I am very glad to have encountered such a lucid and wide-ranging statement of the exploded planet hypothesis, and to see it applied so suggestively to the Atlantis story.”
Christopher Gill, Professor of Ancient Thought and Head of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter in England.

“There are a number of features of this book that I warmly welcome. One is the refreshing scepticism, in a work aimed at a wide readership, about attempts to ‘find’ Atlantis in a literal sense. Another is the way that the book points the reader firmly back to the Platonic sources and ideas, to the Greek myths that Plato certainly knew, and to the Near Eastern myth-patterns that may underlie these myths. Above all, I applaud the lucidity of Alford’s argument and the transparency with which his claims are based on either quoted or fully documented sources.”
Christopher Gill, Professor of Ancient Thought and Head of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter in England.

"'The Atlantis Secret' is a challenging and thought-provoking book, and a real move forward in the field. Alford's work is erudite and persuasive. It offers an excellent overview of many schools of Greek philosophy, gives an intelligent and articulate deciphering of the nature of Greek myth and offers an understanding of Atlantis in context with the Platonic traditions. Alford offers a truly impressive decoding of the Atlantis story, based on his Exploded Planet Hypothesis of ancient myth. Moreover, along the way, he explains some of the great mysteries of Platonic and Greek thought. This is certainly one of the most ground-breaking books in the study of Atlantis for some time. While most books seem to generate a lot of heat and little light, in this superb volume Alford has been able to focus a beam on the essential issues which the Atlantis mystery involves and perhaps, at last, answer the simple question: what did Plato really have in mind when he wrote his story of Atlantis?"
Dharma Sivan, Living Traditions Magazine, February 2002.

" Alford's exploded planet hypothesis [of myth] puts a completely new spin on ancient cultures and religions."
Nexus Magazine, Feb-March 2002.

If you don’t yet know the theories of Alford, you must surely have to read this book.’
Hera Magazine, Italy, February 2003

" A most thought-provoking and interesting read. I found your hypothesis to be very plausible and well-written. I think Christopher Gill's Foreword was spot on."
Pauline Randall,

" Your work on Atlantis is excellent. Well done."
Rob Whiteside,

" Great new book on the Atlantis myth, and probably the most holistic explanation of Greek mythology I've ever read."
Ben Mulvey,

" When you sit down to read a book that covers a subject one is somewhat familiar with and has been written about extensively, you always wonder if the material presented will be old hat. In the case of 'The Atlantis Secret', it covers familiar ground but, at last, finally provides a coherent, consistent, thoroughly analyzed and presented explanation to the mysteries and myths of the ancient Greeks that still are clouded to this day. After reading 'The Atlantis Secret' you too will be initiated into the ways of the ancient Greeks. With Alford's assistance, we all can now plumb the depths of the knowledge that has heretofore been misunderstood."
Jim Lewandowski,

" I have recently finished reading your latest book 'The Atlantis Secret' and I must admit to being somewhat overwhelmed. In substance, I agree with your findings and think that you are on to a very real and central commonality between many early beliefs. Congratulations on a
masterful book!"
Steve Light,

" I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Atlantis Secret'. It was up to your usual high standard."
Colin Edwards,

“A fascinating book. I am sure it is a very valuable contribution to the vexed question of Atlantis... Atlantis being a metaphor for a creation myth does seem very plausible and certainly the evidence is now there clearly, thanks to your book.”
Peter Zoefting,

“As usual, an excellent piece of work! Frustrating because once again you demonstrate what should be blatantly obvious to all of us, yet we have remained ‘blind’ to the facts. ‘The Atlantis Secret’ was a little different in one respect though - this time I was unsure of the final
outcome until the very end, I spent my time saying ‘yes he is’, ‘no he’s not’! It was also nice to be taken through Greek mythology with such ease - you have clarified much that confused me years ago when I first read Plato and Socrates. I am sure that your series of books will one day beclassified as groundbreaking classics.”
Alan McGourlay,

“Illuminating, in the best sense of the word. ‘The Atlantis Secret’ is absolutely amazing.”
Earl Hazell, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

" Wow! This is one of the very best books I have ever read! Nobody ever solved the mystery better and clearer. To me, it’s not really a book about the ‘exploded planet cult’, but above all, a wonderful book about ourselves and about who we really are. I've been asking myself so many questions about the human life and soul since I was a little child, and I think I found the answers to my questions just a few years ago... In this great book, I found so many aspects of my answers, beliefs and thoughts - somehow you put a foundation under my thoughts and beliefs. And once again, one question was always there in my head while reading: "Why didn't anybody else find it all out before?" It all seems to be so clear and simple, and it makes so much sense. The pieces just fit! Nobody ever solved the mystery better and clearer. Once again, you did a super-great job! All my very best congratulations, and above all, all my very best wishes that this outstanding book will get all the recognition and success that it deserves so much!”
Christiane Mueller,

" I am impressed. Your theory on Atlantis is one of the better ones I've seen. For the first 80 per cent, I was very concerned about it beingreductionist. But it was interesting, shocking and also FUN to see you turn it all round in the last 20 per cent, i.e. "mythical" rather than the
" physical" exploding planet."
Glaucus Osborne,

“Those who like to believe that Atlantis lies somewhere beneath the waves will be disappointed to learn that Plato invented Atlantis as a myth about the creation of the universe. Alford may have rejected Sitchin, but he haslearned from his old master how to dazzle the reader with his knowledge of ancient texts and ancient history. It is fascinating to watch Alford's amazing mind at work, weaving together ancient religion, myth and history
into a tapestry of wonderful intellectual richness. Long before the end, I stopped asking myself whether I could accept his premises, and sat back and enjoyed myself, like someone being taken on a tour of a fascinating landscape.”
Colin Wilson, author ‘The Outsider’ and ‘From Atlantis to the Sphinx’

‘If you don’t yet know the theories of Alford, you must surely have to read this book.’
Hera Magazine, Italy, February 2003

“How much I admire your amazing erudition about mythology, which places you head and shoulders above most of your contemporaries in this field.”
Colin Wilson, author ‘The Outsider’ and ‘From Atlantis to the Sphinx’

“I am unable to add anything (the review comments say it all!) other than to repeat what I said to you the day I met you: ‘Thank you’ (from the bottom of my heart!).”

“I have just received your book on Atlantis, and I must say I cannot put it down. You’ve done a very good job with it and I thank you for it. Atlantis has always been an intriguing subject to me, and I think your book is the best one by far (and I have a lot of them!).”
Barb Alford (not related!),

“First of all I’d like to congratulate you for another amazing book. As it happened
before, when I read ‘Gods of the New Millennium’ and ‘The Phoenix Solution’, I was hypnotized. For two days my mom was checking if I’m still alive, cause I was
sitting in my room in complete silence and studying your book carefully. The most important thing I realized when I was reading it, is how little I knew about the Atlantis and Greek mythology. If I knew only half of that I know now, my thinking about ancient Greece would be completely different. Once again, you've showed me the light.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Atlantis Secret’ and found it easier to read than ‘When the Gods Came Down’. Your point of view is interesting and your research seems to me to be very thorough. Thank You.”
Jenny Harvey,

“I’m a convert... I've just finished reading ‘When the Gods Came Down’ and ‘The Atlantis Secret’, and I much prefer this theory than the extra-terrestrial visitors route. In fact after a very short space of time I was saying to myself that this theory explained away any doubts I had, and yes it was blindingly obvious... once someone had explained it.”
Phil Nadin,

“A while back I purchased your book ‘The Atlantis Secret’... after reading it, I was amazed with the theories that you provided to prove that in fact it wasn’t a real island but just in the mind of the reader... also you made strong arguments supporting the fact that most Atlantologists ignore the whole story that Plato had written except for the location and landscape and destruction of the island... they ignored the war and the mythology of the people at the time. I guess originally I was classified amongst those Atlantologists... but your book opened up my eyes to the other half of the story.”
Petros Koutoupis,

“You are the best. I really enjoyed your Atlantis book.”
Jericho Wehage,

“I began to read ‘The Atlantis Secret’ with great anticipation, as I have been familiar with myth of Atlantis for a great number of years... I have always assumed that Atlantis was exactly what the books have said – a sunken island. However, after reading ‘The Atlantis Secret’, I am prepared to reassess that line of thinking... It is not often that I think the unknown has a more down to earth explanation. But, once in a while you are presented with proof that is just about irrefutable and makes you think ‘well, I can’t argue with that’... The wealth of information that is presented by Alan Alford in this book has persuaded me to accept that the true location of Atlantis is located . . . . . . Well I don’t want to spoil it for you! I ask that you read the book for yourself and make up your own mind.”
Steve Rider, Southampton UFO Group, Secretary,

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