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‘There has long been animosity and distrust between those who work in different aspects of Egyptology. Many mainstream colleagues reject without consideration any alternative ideas. I believe this to be foolhardy. When new ideas come along based on logic and reason, I believe they may have an idea that has never been considered before and thus are worth examination. In Alan Alford’s case his reasoning is archaeologically sound and well worth a full and detailed investigation... His hypothesis of finding the “real” burial chamber of Cheops beneath the Pyramid is laudable – it would be a triumph for Egyptology were it found.’
Christine El Mahdy, Professor of Egyptian Studies, Head of The British Centre for Egyptian Studies.

‘Thank you for sending me ‘Pyramid of Secrets’. I found your arguments compelling; I think you have disposed of the ‘pyramid as tomb and only tomb’ myth admirably. I buy your argument that kings were to be returned to the earth; I can think of no example where a royal (or for that matter, any important interment) was not in contact with the earth... Similarly, I accept your emphasis on creation. I am sure that this lies at the heart of what we call Egyptian religion... All in all, I congratulate you warmly. Of course, I don't go all the way with you on every point but I think that you will have moved the argument about the nature of the Pyramid and its significance to Egypt on to an entirely new level.’
Michael Rice, historian and author of ‘Egypt's Making’ (1990), ‘Egypt's Legacy’ (1997), ‘The Power of the Bull’ (1997) and ‘Who's Who in Ancient Egypt’ (1999).

‘“Pyramid of Secrets” is without doubt the best book ever written on the Great Pyramid.’
John Reid, acoustic engineer and author of ‘Egyptian Sonics’.

‘I am reading “Pyramid of Secrets” with increasing enthusiasm. It is a first rate piece of detective work and probably your best book so far!’
Colin Wilson, author ‘The Outsider’ and ‘From Atlantis to the Sphinx’

‘Alan Alford’s work on the architecture of the Great Pyramid and low resonance bears great scrutiny. He raises issues that are too often ignored across the field. A courageous and original interpretation of all the available evidence.’
David Elkington, author ‘In the Name of the Gods’

‘Your comments about the recent robot drilling in the Giza Pyramid were indeed interesting, and as you said this discovery is highly significant.’
Victor Campo,

“I found this chapter [seven] to offer some ingenious solutions to many, hitherto, unexplained aspects of this, the world’s most enigmatic monument.”
John Reid, acoustic engineer and author of ‘Egyptian Sonics’.

The Daily Mail, 21st June 2003

‘The latest but strangely compelling theory.’
Richard and Judy Show, Channel 4 television, 2nd July 2003

‘A cracking addition to anyone’s library. Buy!’ (rated 5 stars)
UFO Magazine, July 2003

'A beautifully researched, thoughtful, and thought-provoking study... stands well against the very best work produced by the acknowledged experts.' (rated 8 out of 10)
Fortean Times, October 2003

‘I have read the opening section concerning the origin myths idea and in general I like it very much. The arguments are coherent, and closely involve the edifices with the sort of ritual/religious significance that I have always maintained they must have, irrespective of whether the kings were actually buried inside them... Well done for moving things in a new and worthwhile direction.’
Ian Lawton, co-author ‘Giza The Truth’, and author ‘Genesis Unveiled’

'It’s really an excellent book, well-written as always. I can see why you are excited about it because you break MUCH new ground in it... IF the pyramids were constructed as you say, and IF the fundamentals of Egyptian religion were as you say, then you are going to be hailed as a genius. There are too many major themes to comment on all of them, but one thing I can see is why there is some excitement over the ‘singing pyramid’ angle. I think it’s a fantastic image, and you’ve drawn it up amazingly plausibly... Also your emphasis on so many potential secret passages and secret vaults was fascinating... I have always felt that could easily be the case, but I had never read anywhere that anyone else had systematically explored it looking for possible avenues of approach. Hell, your book is running over with them! More importantly, some of them make excellent sense... Get on the touring circuit and let the world find out what a really brilliant job you’ve done.'
Lloyd Pye, author 'Everything You Know Is Wrong'

‘This book offers a very detailed and scholarly review of the architecture of the Great Pyramid, and will become an excellent resource for anyone researching this mighty and enigmatic structure... It should also be noted that the quality of Alford's self-publication reflects the quality of his thesis: this is clearly a work of love... I would recommend ‘Pyramid of Secrets’ to the discerning alternative archaeology reader.’
Andy Lloyd,

'I would just like to say how impressed with your theories I am. I have been reading Pyramid theories for over thirty years and yours is the most interesting I have read to date.'
Christine Stewart, July 2003

‘I recently purchased your book "Pyramid of Secrets", and am very impressed with your research... I feel that your acoustic argument for the real purpose of the Great Pyramid is quite groundbreaking. The Egyptians were very interested in the magic of sounds and emanations, and I feel that this in itself confirms your work.’
Beverley Fairfoull, University of Liverpool

'Alan Alford is the "enfant terrible" of Egyptology'
Frontier Magazine, Netherlands, Sept/Oct 2003

'I enjoyed your book immensely. Your journey through the pyramid is very clear and entirely interesting. It gives the feel of its immensity of the project and of the architectural complexity. I entirely agree that the complex reflects creation. I am not sure about the meteorite theory but the creation, sonics and acoustics have a genuine feel of truth. There is no doubt in my mind that the pyramid encompasses science and understanding more that being just a tomb. You are Sir, an excellent writer and researcher. If I may quote you occasionally, I would deem it an honour.'
Crichton Miller, author "The Golden Thread of Time"

'I wanted to write you to tell you that your book, "Pyramid of Secrets" is beyond great. It shows that a long time of careful and thorough research has been used to put this masterpiece together and I look forward to the second part that you are currently writing. The whole idea of re-examining and re-translating all Egyptian writing is favored by me also. And you are doing a great job at trying to show the misinterpretation of Egyptian religion being a solar cult instead of a cult of creation, which is believed by the orthodox view.'
Petros Koutoupis, Greece

'I am writing to tell you how very much I've enjoyed your latest book "Pyramid of Secrets". Since Peter Tompkins' book came out 32 years ago I have read much about the Great Pyramid, but yours is the first book that explains the structure of the Pyramid in a way that makes good sense... I hope Egyptologists embrace your astonishingly thorough and sensible theories and proceed to explore the Pyramid as you suggest.'
Neil Rhoads, Australia

'I think your book is tremendous. You have come up with some really interesting research. It is is well written and I am enjoying it. It is also one of the best quality books I have ever seen. Really nice job.'
John DeSalvo, Director Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, author of "The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook".

'For anyone seeking to unravel the secrets of the Great Pyramid, "Pyramid of Secrets" is one of the greatest discoveries they could make. This fascinating book is an inexhaustible mine of information, concisely and objectively presented for the serious pyramid scholar and for those with a more casual interest. It deserves a place on every thinking person's bookshelf.'
Chris Bingham-Hunter, England

'Pyramid of Secrets is very well written and will hopefully add a new dimension to an old debate.'
Mark Butler

Phil Nadin, England

'I agree with Reid when he affirms this is the best book ever written on the Great Pyramid. I thank you for your extraordinary research and meditation work! The way you've contrived the book, proposing various theories to explain the evidence, is exceptional and very beautiful!'
Luca Calvaresi, Italy

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