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“The Midnight Sun is provocative and stimulating, and the fruit of very detailed study of these complex [Egyptian] texts.”
Ancient Egypt Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 6 (June/July 2006)

"When new ideas come along based on logic and reason, they are worth examination. In Alan Alford's case, his reasoning is archaeologically sound and well worth a full and detailed investigation... His hypothesis of finding the 'real' burial chamber of Cheops is laudable. It would be a triumph for Egyptology were it found."
Christine El Mahdy, Professor of Egyptian Studies, Head of The British Centre for Egyptian Studies, and author of The Pyramid Builder: Cheops, the Man Behind the Great Pyramid

“At last I have been able to look at your book ‘The Midnight Sun’, which is very interesting... I am inclined to believe that you are on the right track when you talk about the primacy of the earth-god and netherworld mythology over that of the sun-god in very early times... I think your theories about the tomb of Khufu are absolutely fascinating. Someone should certainly look behind the stones at the top of the Well Shaft as you suggest... Of all the alternative writers on Egyptology, I think you are probably the only one worth reading.”
Robert Temple, author ‘The Sirius Mystery’, ‘The Crystal Sun’, and ‘Netherworld’.

“I have now completed my reading of ‘The Midnight Sun’ and I am immensely impressed, by its argument, its organisation and its remarkable erudition. I think that you have given an entirely original synthesis to the principles that underlie what, for want of a better term, scholars have called Egyptian religion... Your hypothesis of an essentially creational understanding of the Egyptian experience provides, I believe, a wholly convincing overview of what powered the Egyptian understanding of the cosmos and its mechanisms... I repeat, I believe that you have presented an alternative explanation of the ethos of ancient Egypt that is substantially more convincing than any other that I have seen advanced... I have no doubt of the importance of ‘The Midnight Sun’ and I only hope that it will be considered and understood by those who most would benefit from it. It deserves to be studied very seriously by all who care for the Egypt of antiquity and who seek to understand the true measure of its achievements.”
Michael Rice, historian and author of ‘Egypt's Making’ (1990), ‘Egypt's Legacy’ (1997), ‘The Power of the Bull’ (1997) and ‘Who's Who in Ancient Egypt’ (1999).

“Alford's decoding of Egyptian mythology is one of the most complete and comprehensive that has been published. By using the creation myth as an interpretative key he has been able to open up many areas of Egyptian mythology which had been at best perplexing, at worst undecipherable. He offers a whole new paradigm of Egyptian theology and philosophy which has startling ramifications. Through his model we gain a deeper understanding of the nature of Egyptian myth and a far more credible explanation of the significance of the pyramids and mummification. We also gain a more perceptive insight into the relationship between the king, his people and the ‘other world’ and we start to appreciate how the Egyptians achieved what they did. To top off this fascinating exploration, Alford uses this new interpretation to explain the mystery of the empty tomb within the Great Pyramid and show where the real tomb - probably still intact and holding greater treasures that that of Tutankhamun - lies. This is a superb book, meticulous and comprehensive. While it may prove heavy going for those who do not have a background in Egyptology, its significance should not be underestimated for the scholar or layman. If Alford’s interpretation is correct, he has not only overturned the major philosophical edifice within Egyptology, but solved some of its greatest mysteries and perhaps even uncovered the true missing tomb within the Great Pyramid!”
Thubten Drimay, editor Living Traditions magazine, Australia, December 2004

“‘The Midnight Sun’ is well-written, intriguing, and is one of the few books on Egyptian religion that makes complete sense of what has too often been viewed as an impenetrable muddle of complex symbols and ideology... I’ll not reveal the exact place where Alford says the remains of Pharaoh Khufu may well remain to this day. But I will say that his reasoning is far superior and far more compelling than the simple ideas proposed by traditional Egyptologists. ‘The Midnight Sun’ is highly recommended.”
Dr. Greg Little, Alternate Perceptions Magazine online no. 90 (May 2005)
See for the full text of this review.

“I admire the fact that you have stuck your neck out with a testable prediction."
Professor John Ray, Cambridge University

"You have adumbrated some interesting ideas."
Terence DuQuesne, Egyptologist (unaffiliated)

"I do reckon that you have one of the most brilliant minds out there when it comes to understanding the Ancient Egyptians, and you deserve all the credit you are being given."
Andrew Collins, author

"An interesting and well-argued new work."
J.S. Pizey, P and P Books

“Intriguing, well argued thesis which deserves success. The Midnight Sun makes a good case for a thorough revision of our current understanding of ancient Egypt and its religions.” Rated 9 out of 10.
Fortean Times Magazine, August 2005

“This fascinating book suggests there’s much more still to be discovered about ancient Egypt.”
Nexus Magazine, Feb-March 2005

“‘The Midnight Sun’ is probably the best book ever written on ancient Egyptian religion - a truly great book. I sent a copy to my friend in South Africa and she too was in awe of your work.”
John Reid, acoustic engineer and author of ‘Egyptian Sonics'.

“I think the idea that the Grotto is more important makes sense. I am not convinced that the Great Pyramid was the tomb of Khufu, but anyway I think the Grotto should be more thoroughly investigated if only because as a natural cavity it might give evidence to pre-pyramid times... for example deposits, or perhaps even a natural network of subterranean corridors, as you suggest.”
Filip Coppens, author ‘The Canopus Revelation’

“Alford’s thesis is one of the most important to have emerged in recent years in that it challenges received wisdom in a valid and authoritative fashion: and this because Alford has conducted very thorough research and presented it in his usual exceptionally lucid writing. The author knows how to tell a story, and this story is nothing less than our need to understand the bigger picture in the shape of a very small word called ‘God’. Wonderful stuff!”
David Elkington, author ‘In the Name of the Gods’

“A vitally important book for students of alternative Egyptology.”
Martin Gray,, newsletter no. 17 (December 2004)

“In ‘The Midnight Sun’ Alford shows clarity of thought and total belief in his ‘religion of creation’ theory. ‘The Midnight Sun’ is entertaining, and is written in such clear prose, that it is easy to follow, like the best detective stories. With every chapter of every book, he moves the goalposts, inch by inch, away from the dogma that has become Egyptology. He is prepared to throw down the gauntlet to the authorities in Cairo to find the mummy of Khufu in the Grotto of the Great Pyramid, and put his growing reputation on the line.”
Ray Zerafa, UK, degree student in Archaeology

“I must commend you on yet another masterpiece.”
Ben Salmon, UK

“Alan Alford’s books are truly an inspiration. He has really changed the standpoint from which Egyptian religion should be looked at.”
Gavin Tonks, South Africa

"‘The Midnight Sun’ was well written, well researched, just as we knew it would be. The effort you put in must have been really taxing and your conclusions are very convincing. I feel, trust, and hope that the Egyptian authorities will agree and will follow the path you have mapped out.”
Tony Ingham, UK

“In ‘The Midnight Sun’ Alan Alford demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of Egyptian subject matter, offers an innovative solution for the meaning of the pyramids, and provides a testable prediction for where Khufu is buried.”
John Stiff, UK

“Hope your thesis gets the attention out there that it deserves and that some ground-penetrating radar can be used to test your theory.”
Ruth Parnell, Australia

“With ‘The Midnight Sun’, Alan Alford extends his fascinating hypothesis on the Great Pyramid as symbolic embodiment of the creation myth. His conclusions on the location of Khufu’s tomb and the real significance of Osiris will leave any enthusiast of esoteric studies spellbound. A bold and visionary piece of work, indeed.”
Andrew Gough, UK, researcher, writer and trustee of the Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS)

“Orthodox Egyptology has needed a wake up call for many years and ‘The Midnight Sun’ is just what the doctor ordered. It is brilliantly researched, written and may be Alan Alford’s best book to date. It is nothing short of a revelation. Egyptologists, scholars, investors and the world at large owe it to the author to put as many resources as possible into exploring his theory that Khufu’s tomb is in or near the Grotto. Alford has proven once again that he is among the top scholars of our time. It is time he got the attention he deserves. I implore everyone to do what they can to spread word of Alford’s breakthrough in our understanding of Ancient Egypt. The bottom line... ‘The Midnight Sun’ is a book that no scholar should be without.”
Michael Casler, Ontario, Canada

“‘The Midnight Sun’ is an excellent book - well written, extremely well researched, and all points well backed up. I also appreciated that there were no typos and that the book was printed on pristine white paper and well bound. I can’t wait to see if Dr Hawass will allow excavations beneath the pyramid and discover a burial chamber; your theories will be vindicated.”
Penny Kemertgoglou, South Africa

“One of a kind. Rarely does a book come along that makes you change your views radically, but in ‘The Midnight Sun’, along with the companion volume ‘Pyramid of Secrets’, Alan Alford has laid the first stone in the building of a new hypothesis. In the past, I had read books by writers such as Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock and so on. It is easy, in reading these books, to be dependent on orthodoxy and not ask questions, even when they are dying to be asked. In Alan's book, the very fabric of Egyptian religion is re-ordered, re-structured and in effect, turned on its head. Not only this, but Alan puts forwards a startlingly plausible theory on the whereabouts of King Khufu's body, interlinking this perfectly with his theory on Egyptian religion. Recommended to anyone who is prepared to think outside the box.” Rated 5 stars.
volatile_cheeseburger, UK, for

“A superior job! Impressive indeed! A really first-class work! Academic Egyptologists could learn a lot from you. You’ve brought Reymond alive. More importantly, you’ve brought Egypt alive.”
Jim Flagg, California, USA

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