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(Hardback, 478pp, 31 color plates, 24 black-and-white plates)

'The Phoenix Solution’ was published in hardback by Hodder and Stoughton in 1998, and was at that time sold through all good bookstores in the UK. Today it is very difficult to get hold of this book in hardback.

Eridu Books, however, acquired a supply of hardbacks from Hodder and Stoughton in 1998, and we currently have around 70 copies still available for sale to our international customers.

We can also supply signed copies of ‘The Phoenix Solution’ - signed personally by Alan Alford - at no extra charge.

Prices and Delivery - 'The Phoenix Solution'

  • UK £18 .99, £16.00, with free delivery. Please allow 3-7 days for delivery.

  • Europe £18 .99, £16.00 (or Euros €25.6), plus 10% post and packing. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

  • USA, South Africa, Australasia and Far East £18 .99, £16.00 (or USD $24.00), plus 20% post and packing. Please allow 14-21 days for delivery.

Faster deliveries are possible, but at high additional cost. Please telephone England (+44) (0)7000 77 2000 for prices.

Orders preferred by Credit Card or Debit Card

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Switch, Delta, Solo, EuroCard and JCB. Please note that we do not accept Discover or Diner’s Club cards.

If you do not have a credit or debit card, please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.

Orders on-line

To order on-line, please enter the secure on-line transaction facility.

Orders by fax

Complete the Order Form below, print it, and fax it to England (+44) (0)1543 370453. It is essential to add your signature when ordering by fax.

Orders by telephone

Ring England (+44) (0)7000 77 2000 during UK business hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This number may be unobtainable from some overseas switchboards; if problems are encountered, please call Eridu Books on England (+44) (0)1543 452577.
Please have your credit or debit card details to hand.

Orders by post

Complete the Order Form below, print it, and post to:

Eridu Books,
PO Box 107,
WS9 9YR,

Please supply me with ...... copy/copies of 'The Phoenix Solution'

Title (Mr/Mrs etc)



Delivery Address



Postcode/Zip Code


Card Type (see note[1])

Card Number

Issue Number (for some debit cards).

Type "Signed" for a signed copy.

Expiry Date (mm/yy)


Quantity of Books

Contact Number or email address (if query)

Where did you hear about the book?

note [1] Card Type should be Visa, Access, Mastercard, JCB, etc. Please note that we CANNOT accept "Discover" cards.

Please double-check your details and remember to add your signature if ordering by fax or post.




Refund Policy

In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction, Eridu Books will refund the book price upon return of goods in original condition within a reasonable timescale.

Copyright Notice

'These pages are the copyright of Eridu Books 2004. The images and diagrams are the copyright of Alan Alford or of other photographers, where indicated. Eridu Books welcomes the reproduction and dissemination of these pages, in original, unaltered form, for non-commercial purposes, but permission must be sought for any other usage, other than 'fair dealing' quotations.'

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