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"Millennial astronomy meets scientific Egyptology and kicks butt!"
The Mail on Sunday, London, 6th September 1998.

"A tremendous thesis... presents an entirely new dimension to an intensely complex subject... (is) of comparable significance to Hamlet's Mill (de Santillana and von Dechend) and the works of Joseph Campbell (1959-68)."
Michael Rice, historian and author of Egypt's Making (1990), Egypt's Legacy (1997), The Power of the Bull (1997) and Who's Who in Ancient Egypt (1999).

"The convergence of the latest astronomical data and the ancient Egyptian writings detailed in 'The Phoenix Solution' make it considerably more difficult to ignore these writings as anything less than an actual recording of our solar system's history."
Tom Van Flandern, professional research astronomer 21/8/98.

"The Phoenix Solution' is compulsive reading - extremely controversial, closely argued, and brilliantly presented like a mystery story. Alford writes powerfully and convincingly, and the enormous amount he knows about ancient Egypt entitles him to be taken seriously as a scholar of considerable achievement."
Colin Wilson, author 'The Outsider' and 'From Atlantis to the Sphinx', August 1998.

"A stimulating and controversial new angle on the Pyramids."
Robert Bauval, co-author 'The Orion Mystery' and 'Message of the Sphinx'/'Keeper of Genesis', 28 August 1998.

"Alford's book combines scholarship with creative thinking, providing some reasonable solutions to the flaws of both the orthodox and unorthodox opinions concerning these great mysteries of human history."
Acharya S, author, for Steamshovel Press, August 1998.

"'The Phoenix Solution' offers the most comprehensive hypothesis ever put forward about the civilization of ancient Egypt... What Alford says about the 'Pyramid Texts' offers the first cogent interpretation that I have [ever] read... you will find [in this book] the entire structure of the Egyptian belief system interpreted within a single frame of reference that dismisses nothing and which requires no off-planet visitors to make sense. 'The Phoenix Solution' is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys historical detective work or grand, unifying theories."
Stuart Dean, marketing co-ordinator for the A.R.E. PRESS, VENTURE INWARD MAGAZINE, March/April 1999.
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"Alford has fired an intellectual arrow straight through the gaping hole between the orthodox and 'New Age' positions, thereby well and truly setting the Sphinx among the Ibises... By the end one is left with the feeling that the Exploded Planet Hypothesis is both more immediate and more inclusive than simple star correlations, homogeneous solar cults or trite polytheism/ monotheism dualities... Don't make the mistake of ignoring this book - it is one of the most fascinatingly innovative attempts at a turnkey solution to mythology for the last twenty-five years.'
Niklas Rasche for Fortean Times, No.116 (November 1998).
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'I have read with great interest your massive book on re-evaluation of Egyptian religion and I must congratulate you on the amount of scholarship and ingenuity shown in your approach. I find Van Flandern's thesis of an exploded planet circa 3.2 million years ago [sic] very interesting and well supported by his arguments.'
Emilio Spedicato, University of Bergamo.

Comments from the Less Famous...

'A truly worthwhile and rewarding read'.
Chris Clews,

'I congratulate you on your well-researched conclusions.'
Vani Soter, Australia.

'I've just finished "The Phoenix Solution" and am writing to congratulate you on a fantastic book.'
Adam Braggs,

'I have recently finished your book, "The Phoenix Solution", and applaud your open-minded new look at something old, your vast amount of research, and your logical deductions.'
Linda Ellis,

'I have just finished your book. I have to say it's the most logical explanation of Egyptian mythology so far presented.'

'I have recently finished reading you book "The Phoenix Solution", which I found fascinating. Ancient Egypt has long been a source of fascination to me. The interpretation of the Egyptian texts, cited in the light of the Exploded Planet Hypothesis, was revolutionary.'

'I recently read your book "The Phoenix Solution" and while I admit that it was heavy going in places, I have to say that I found it to be enthralling. I concur with many of your theories and have long believed that we are not the first, or most advanced, civilisation to have graced this planet.'

"I feel privileged to have read something that is not just a mere reduplication of what has unfortunately become the norm. I am also at a loss as to why such a book has not been mentioned of more highly."
Sean Duncan, Australia.
(AFA comments: "Sean, 'The Phoenix Solution' is a totally groundbreaking book which overturns both orthodox and non-orthodox theories about Egypt; this is why the response to it overall has been cool. It would be fair to day that the jury has retired in a state of confusion, but a favourable verdict is expected in due course.")

"Have just read 'The Phoenix Solution' and was riveted all the way through... Congratulations on a thought-provoking book - full of interesting ideas made accessible."
Iain Dallas,

"Genuinely innovative, insightful and methodical."
Brian Holmes, the Daily Grail.

"There are three books that I hold as creating and continuing a spiritual awakening for my adult life... 'Black Athena' by Martin Bernal... 'Anacalypsis' by Godfrey Higgins... Your book 'The Phoenix Solution', however, is the third such book to awaken me so strongly. Congratulations.

"The Phoenix Solution is very impressive in its depth of understanding and comprehensive interpretation of the religious tradition of ancient Egypt. I've read numerous books on ancient Egypt and am certainly no authority on anything in this area but I have to say that your book was fascinating and brought the myths and symbols of the ancient religion to life. It was fun reading and very understandable. It is believable and makes absolute sense."
David Hook, Edmonton, Canada.

"Congratulations on the publication of your book [The Phoenix Solution]; I've read it and it is fabulous - just what was needed to rattle and shake the status quo. I could not put it down."
Johanna, Australia.

"An absolutely wonderful book, totally compelling."

"As a huge fan of Gods of the New Millennium, I was eagerly anticipating the follow-up, The Phoenix Solution. Whilst the main thrust of your argument seems to have changed quite radically, to a more mundane but much more plausible theory, I found the book to be a thoroughly absorbing read... It comes as a refreshing change to find someone prepared to examine all the facts as they exist rather than jump to an ill-informed conclusion (as seems to be the penchant of so many of your contemporaries)... the exploded planet hypothesis expounded in The Phoenix Solution seems to be one of the best multi-disciplinary theories of ancient Egypt to emerge in recent years."
Dave Cockett,

"I was lucky enough to have tuned in to this work while on business in the UK from the States. Quite possibly I was also lucky enough not to have read Alan Alford's other book [Gods of the New Millennium], the partial refutation of which [in this book] has seemed to throw many for a loop. Coming as someone from an Egyptological and artistic/ethnological background, who knows many of the world's renowned Egyptologists personally, I can honestly say - as Michael Rice does in the Preface - that this is one of the most important new-perspective Egyptological works written in at least thirty years... It isn't often that a work comes along that challenges the erudition of the status quo with a mind-blowingly believable unorthodox thesis... This is the kind of book that makes waves... It is capable of creating its own genre of study and enlightenment across several disciplines... Given how hard it is to shock us these days, in the 21st century, and given what I know of Alford's research materials, sources, approach, and the erudition of his varied references, it is hard not to compare Alford to Galileo and Darwin."

"I've just finished The Phoenix Solution and am writing to congratulate you on a fantastic book."
Adam Braggs,

"The Phoenix Solution is a top read. I'm no Egyptologist but I have read many books on the subject. We wait with baited breath for your next.", 15th December 1998

"A great read."
Peter Snow, 10th January 1999

"I have just finished reading 'The Phoenix Solution' - congratulations on another great book.I agreed with many of your concluding sentiments, and I hope you may continue to provide a kind of independent "honest broker" function."
Ross Fellowes, 8th February, 1999

"I have just finished reading 'The Phoenix Solution', and would like to say that it is refreshing to finally find someone with a creative mind taking a more realistic look at the pyramid mystery."
Terry Wiebe, 8th February 1999

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book 'The Phoenix Solution' - absolutely fascinating!!!! I read it in about 2 days, because I just couldn't put it down! Wow.... what a book! I bet you've put the cat among the pigeons now, haven't you!!"
Lyn McKnight, 17th March 1999

"I especially liked that you made some forecasts based on what you had found. That indeed, as you wrote yourself, helps a hypotheses to become a theory."
Reto Hartmann, Switzerland, 27th February 1999

"I enjoyed 'The Phoenix Solution' immensely and am glad to see that someone is forcing the pace on serious research into our past, at the same time as highlighting the problems of obscuring facts with our own personal/cultural beliefs and misconceptions. Keep at it!"
Roy McMahon, 20th March 1999

"Incredibly interesting and well researched"
Paul,, 22nd March 1999

"Congratulations! This is a highly fascinating and exciting book. I could not let go until I finished it during the last few days."
A. Biber, Switzerland, 27th March 1999

"Congratulations for your unbiased, non-sensationalistic approach to unlocking one of Earth's most lasting mysteries. Not only do you cause Egyptologists pause for thought, but you have given people like Sitchin, Temple, Hancock et al a bitter pill to swallow if your hypthosesis holds true. Great work."
J. D. Jones, 12th May 1999

"Every subject is researched, discussed and tested with meticulous detail; yet it all seems so obvious when you put it all together. How the hell you manage to oversee so many disciplines and ideas at once, plus be able to hone right in on the important details and draw them together is beyond me. Congratulations on such an excellent book and thanks for taking the trouble to share your findings with the rest of us!"
Jon East, England, 18th November 1998.

"Your keen analysis and insights into the ancient Egyptian records Is a high tribute to your intellect that SHOULD secure your place in future text books and Egyptology, and discussions by all thinking persons."
James Miller, USA, 17 August 1998

"You were not exaggerating when you prepared me for this momentous piece of research... Congratulations on an amazing piece of work."
Hugh F. Colmer, Crosscircle Group, 15 August 1998

"I have just read your book 'The Phoenix Solution' with awe and admiration. The research effort alone is fantastic. To have organised it and written it as excitingly as you did is almost as incredible as the excellence of the Great Pyramid itself! Many congratulations."
Robert Browning, Greece, 24/8/98.

"Absolutely fascinating - I think you have a bestseller on your hands"
Gill Paul, manuscript proof-reader 7/5/98

"Your book was excellent and left little room for manouvre from the 'entrenched Egyptologists' point of view. They must be hopping mad by now!"
Steve Shields, 22nd September 1998.

"Your book is wonderful. I am sure the Egyptologists are foaming at the mouth. I just know you are right about the exploded planet hypothesis".
Janet Smart, 9th September 1998.

"It's breath-taking to me! Again and again I wonder why nobody had thought this way before, as it all seems so logical and clear... I admire your honest way to update some of the results of "Gods of the New Millennium" with the new results of your research... I appreciate your work more than I can say!"
Christiane Mueller, September 1998

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