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'The Phoenix Solution', published in August 1998, is Alan Alford's second book. It focuses exclusively on ancient Egypt.

In the first part of this book, Alan Alford criticises the theories of both orthodox and new-age authorities, and sets out a more reasonable, albeit revolutionary, chronology for the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. His well-argued ‘adopted pyramids’ theory suggests that the two giant pyramids at Giza were ‘adopted’ and not built by the Egyptian kings Khufu and Khafre. This highly-acclaimed study is absolutely essential reading for anyone who is interested in the Giza controversy.

In the latter part of this book, Alford delves into the mysteries of ancient Egyptian religion, and concludes that it was ‘a cult of creation’, with extensive similarities to the modern ‘exploded planets hypothesis’ of American astronomer Dr Tom Van Flandern. Is this just a coincidence, he asks, or did a lost civilisation (or lost race) possess an advanced scientific knowledge of the origins of our solar system? Note: this idea is modified in Alford’s third book ‘When The Gods Came Down’, whilst his interpretation of Egyptian religion is refined considerably in his fourth and fifth books, ‘Pyramid of Secrets’ and ‘The Midnight Sun’.

Unusually, for a book of this genre, ‘The Phoenix Solution’ has won support from the eminent English historian Michael Rice, who has hailed Alford’s work as ‘a tremendous thesis’, which ‘presents an entirely new dimension’ to Egyptology. In his Foreword to the book, Michael Rice rates Alford’s cataclysm theory as being of ‘comparable significance’ to Hamlet’s Mill (by de Santillana and von Dechend) and to the various works of the great mythologist Joseph Campbell. To paraphrase, Rice is saying, in effect, that ‘The Phoenix Solution’ is the most important book to have been published on ancient Egypt during the past thirty years.

Readers of Alan Alford’s first book are warned that ‘The Phoenix Solution’ calls for a re-evaluation of certain aspects of the ‘ancient astronaut’ theory. We have no hesitation, however, in recommending this book as a sequel to ‘Gods of the New Millennium’. In our opinion, it will be recognised in years to come as one of the classic works of the late-20th century.

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