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 (Updated 2nd May 2003)

“In the closing years of the 20th century and the opening years of the 21st, I happened, by a fruitful combination of curiosity, open-mindedness, instinct, perseverance, and luck, to gain knowledge of a great secret – the so-called ‘Secret of secrets’ – that was cherished by the sages of old as the key to the Mystery of Existence, and transmitted through time by means of myth, allegory, cryptic writing, art, architecture, symbol, and oral initiatory traditions, for the benefit of those few who still had ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’.

Armed with this sacred knowledge, I have invested my time carefully – driving back the fog of confusion which swirls around the man-made mysteries of our planet, while simultaneously contemplating the Original Mystery by testing the Idea of the ancient sages against my own observations of life, death, and human existence. The former quest, for man-made truth, is one that I share openly in my books, where I offer each individual reader the Knowledge through which he, or she, can become Homo religiosus sapiens – ‘the man who is wise in his religion’. The latter quest, for Original Truth, remains personal and private, as it ought to be; but in my fourth book I drop some hints for those who would follow my path of enlightenment, which is best described as esoteric Platonism.

Now, the ‘Secret of secrets’ – otherwise known as ‘the Holy Grail’ – relates to the true identity of God and the gods, and has a virtual nuclear ability to blow apart preconceived beliefs on this subject. The typical reaction of a person, on hearing the Secret, is to explode in disbelief and indignation, and to curse, mock and abuse it. If the recipient of the Idea could nail it to a cross and put it to death, that’s exactly what he would do.

Since I discovered the Knowledge and began to divulge it in my writings and lectures, I have been criticised, abused, slandered, misrepresented, excluded, and generally treated as ‘persona non grata’, not only by the guardians of the establishment view but also, disturbingly, by the alternative community (as it exists in the form of writers’ circles, magazines, radio shows, and the conference circuit).

I can well understand now why the sages of yore sealed their lips and spoke not of the Great Mystery within earshot of the pious but ignorant populace.

So complete is my isolation from the alternative community (not to mention the mainstream) that I have little left to lose by exposing it for the absolute sham that it is.

Firstly, I deplore the way alternative writers abuse ancient myth to support their own pet theories, usually involving a rewrite of history. Myth is not history. Myth is myth. It is a poetic rendition of the most glorious concept imaginable to the ancient mind – the creation of the Universe, of life, and of mankind. When a modern writer turns ancient myth into history, he destroys the vital magic of the original message and pulls a veil over the eyes of his readers.

Secondly, I deplore the small-mindedness that is exhibited by the self-appointed leaders of the alternative community. They just can’t bear to contemplate the possibility that their own pet theories might be subsumed by a greater theory. In order to protect their own little pieces of truth, they cast the higher truth in a negative light or even prevent their followers, or members, from hearing about it. What they are actually protecting is their own egos.

Thirdly, I deplore the double standards at work in the alternative community. Its leading characters love to criticise academia for its dogmatism, but then they display an equally closed-minded attitude to alternative viewpoints from within their own ranks.

Fourthly, I deplore the fact that alternative writers, by and large, fail to question their own theories or admit their mistakes. It is the nature of the business that virtually every writer will, at some time or other in his career, advocate an idea that is subsequently falsified, either in whole or in part. Why not come clean in the interests of truth? But some leading names have used the black arts of obfuscation, spin, and deception to avoid admitting the full extent of their mistakes and the full damage to their theories. It’s an ego thing again.

Fifthly, I deplore the conspiracy of silence that exists among alternative writers. It is an unwritten rule, it would seem, that one author should not criticise the ideas of another. How then are we ever to make progress in establishing the merits of our theories? As I see it, many of my fellow-writers are not particularly interested in pursuing the truth; they merely wish to entertain their readers, gratify their own egos, and make bags of money. And the best way to succeed in this aim, I hate to say, is to tell the readers what they want to hear. Many writers are thus Sophists, whose only talents lie in telling a fine story.

Of course, it’s not all bad. There are some good guys out there. And you might well argue, with some justification, that the problems are far worse in mainstream academia. But the problem is that we assume the alternative community to have a moral and intellectual superiority, and we rely on it to eventually trounce the mainstream. Well, the way things stand, it doesn’t and it won’t; and it never will as long as its heart is infected by egotism, jealousy, pride, dogmatism, defeatism, and lies.

What is to be done? In this website, I offer a new way forward, based on a true and authentic knowledge of ancient myth. My aim – and it is an ambitious one – is to lay the groundwork for an eventual unification of all the world’s religions by demonstrating that they all reflect the same esoteric myth, and that God is but a personification of that myth. Therefore, all Gods are One God; and the myth understood is God comprehended.

Of course, it may take a hundred years or more to bring about this unification of the world’s religions, but every great plan needs a beginning. And this is it.

So, tour the website. Discover the truth about myth and religion. See how the creation myth was made manifest in Plato’s story of Atlantis. And see how the creation myth was enshrined in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Buy my books and support my research. (I would give them away if I could afford it, but we all need to live, and I do so modestly; my books are aimed at the few, not at the masses.)

Lobby the alternative community – writers, magazine editors, book reviewers, radio show hosts, and conference organisers. Persuade them to put their egos aside, to pursue the truth, to put theories to the test, and to expose the lies.

Join my War on Ignorance. Together we can make a difference.


Alan F. Alford
Walsall, England

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