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Welcome to my News and Views web-pages. The intention of these pages is to keep readers informed of exciting news, as well as allowing me to express my views on what is happening in the world.


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Lectures and Conferences
12th-16th November 2007, 11th Hour Convention, The Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Interactive and informal teaching with a small number of delegates in a relaxed and intimate setting. For detailed information, see

17th May 2008 (Saturday), 2 pm, Leicestershire Ancient Egypt Society, “The Egyptian Cosmos and the Eternal Repetition of the Events of the First Time”. Venue: New Walks Museum, Leicester. Non-members £3, for further info contact Dylan Bickerstaffe 01509 650304.

30th August 2008 (Saturday) 2 pm, Sussex Egyptology Society, “The Pyramid and the Creation Myth”. Venue: Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, Dyke Road, Brighton. Non-members £3.

Explorations at the Great Pyramid
Zahi Hawass has promised to make 2007 the year of discovery in respect of the enigmatic shafts in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. However, the information I am receiving suggests that continuing technical hitches and other factors will delay any further drilling of the stone “doors” until 2008. The current state of play, you may recall, is that a Hong-Kong funded British team is competing against a team from the University of Singapore to become the sole contractor for the job. Both teams’ robots have been put through their paces in a mock-up shaft constructed in Cairo under the guidance of Zahi Hawass, but the trial was only partially successful and both designs require further work. The ongoing project has been labelled ‘Operation Djedi’ or ‘the Djedi Project’.

There is no news yet on any investigation of the Grotto in the Great Pyramid, as recommended in my books Pyramid of Secrets and The Midnight Sun. However, I will be in contact with Zahi Hawass during 2007/08 to push for the inclusion of this work as an extension to Project Djedi, just in case his mission in the shafts turns out to be an anti-climax.

Update on "The Midnight Sun"
My new book 'The Midnight Sun' was published by Eridu Books on 29th October 2004, and is now available for sale exclusively via this website. For full details of the book, subtitled 'The Death and Rebirth of God in Ancient Egypt', go to the Bookshop.

Since publication, this book has received fantastic reviews from Living Traditions, Alternate Perceptions, and Fortean Times, as well as from eminent scholars Michael Rice, Robert Temple, and Dr Greg Little, and of course from ordinary, less famous readers.'

Work in Progress
I am currently considering a number of possibilities for my next book, and have been approached by a publisher who is keen to put me back into print. I hope to settle on a title and begin writing in late-2007.

British Egyptology Congress 2005
On 24th-25th September 2005, the Egypt Exploration Society and Cambridge University are hosting a conference for all those involved in Egyptology in the U.K. The aim is to create a forum at which Egyptologists, students, and lay scholars may keep abreast of new research in the field. It is hoped that this conference will become an annual event.

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted by the BEC for a poster presentation on 25th September in the Fitzwilliam Museum on the subject of 'The Egyptian Cosmos and the Eternal Repetition of the Events of the First Time'. Please click here to read the abstract for my presentation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to persuade Egyptologists that the creation myth stood at the heart of Egyptian religion, that the true pyramid signified the creation of the cosmos, and that the mummy of the pharaoh had to be buried in the earth, beneath the pyramid. In this way I hope to win support for my proposal to search for the mummy of Khufu in a concealed cave close to the Grotto in the Great Pyramid. Believe me, one day, by hook or by crook, this exploration is going to take place!

Translation Rights
Publishers wishing to purchase translation rights to 'The Atlantis Secret', ‘Pyramid of Secrets’ and 'The Midnight Sun', should contact Eridu Books at (+44) (0)2380 559499. For email contact, please see the email address in the Biography section of this website.

Pyramid of Secrets - Publicity
Five months have now passed since the publication of my book "Pyramid of Secrets" - and what an action-packed 5 months it has been! Thanks to some amazing publicity in the UK, I have been working all hours to fulfil demand for the book, while at the same time providing articles and interviews for publications such as UFO Magazine, Fortean Times, New Dawn, and Phenomena. I have also been talking to Egyptologists and TV broadcasters about the possibility of conducting further investigations and experiments inside the Great Pyramid, as outlined and discussed in my book.

It all kicked off on Saturday June 21st 2003, when the Daily Mail newspaper ran a 3-page article on "Pyramid of Secrets" under the heading "God's Vibrations!". The 3,000-word feature focused in particular on my theory that the Great Pyramid's King's Chamber had been designed to capture Earth resonance and generate low frequency sound, which it then broadcast via its 'airshafts' in order to celebrate the myth of creation. Readers were invited to purchase "Pyramid of Secrets" at a special price by contacting Eridu Books directly, either by telephone or website. I am pleased to report that the phone didn't stop ringing for three weeks!

Following the Daily Mail feature, I was contacted by the Richard and Judy Show, of Channel 4 Television, who invited to be a guest on the programme. The date was eventually fixed for Wednesday 2nd July 2003, and I joined Richard and Judy on the sofa for a 7-minute chat, which was broadcast live from the studio at about 5.15 pm. The interview focused on my acoustics theory for the King's Chamber, which both Richard and Judy found fascinating and plausible. In order to convey the idea effectively, they had their technicians create a movie-simulation of the sound waves travelling up through the Pyramid, vibrating the King's Chamber, and emerging through the airshafts. That image was worth a thousand words!  
This is the first serious coverage of my work by the UK national media, after six years of disappointment and frustration, and is all the more remarkable for the fact that I achieved it with a self-published book!

With the Daily Mail selling 3 million copies and the Richard and Judy Show broadcasting to around 2.5 million viewers, my Pyramid theory has certainly received a good airing, even if the focus has been on only one chapter of the book.

In addition to this publicity, "Pyramid of Secrets" has also received outstanding reviews in UFO Magazine, Fortean Times and Frontier Magazine. See

New Book Launch- Pyramid of Secrets
My new book ‘Pyramid of Secrets’ was published by Eridu Books on 2nd May 2003, and is now available for sale exclusively via this website. For full details of the book, subtitled ‘The Architecture of the Great Pyramid Reconsidered in the Light of Creational Mythology’, go to the Bookshop. Coinciding with this book launch, I have made substantial additions to, and deletions, from the material on this website.

Copyright Notice

'These pages are the copyright of Eridu Books 2004. The images and diagrams are the copyright of Alan Alford or of other photographers, where indicated. Eridu Books welcomes the reproduction and dissemination of these pages, in original, unaltered form, for non-commercial purposes, but permission must be sought for any other usage, other than 'fair dealing' quotations.'

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