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Orthodox Theory

According to Egyptologists, the Antechamber was a portcullis room for the protection of the burial chamber. It is supposed that the three granite slabs (now missing) were lowered to the floor by means of wooden rollers and ropes, the vertical grooves in the south wall acting as guides for the ropes, and the granite leaf functioning as a counterweight. The use of granite, interlaced with limestone blocks, is a puzzling and unexplained feature of the Antechamber.

Alford Theory

It is not apparent how a portcullis could have functioned in the Antechamber, and several facts argue strongly against the idea. Certain features are better understood as decorative and symbolic. The grooves in the south wall resemble the pattern of a fluted column, and are an exact image of a decorative pattern found on a 1st dynasty portcullis slab, whilst the granite leaf resembles the rolled-up reed-mat curtain design which was used from Old Kingdom times to symbolise the entrance to the ‘other world’. In addition, there is evidence that this room was not kept open for a funeral, but was sealed by a plate, or plug, of stone at the mouth of the King’s Chamber Passage.

In keeping with my acoustic theory of the King’s Chamber, the Antechamber, built predominantly of granite, would have produced acoustic effects. It is theorised that the ‘portcullis slabs’ and the granite leaf were tuned to resonate at certain low frequencies, and that a man was intended to stand in the gap in front of the granite leaf, at the threshold of the room, where the granite began. The sound effect might then have induced an altered state of consciousness in the subject, causing him to receive a vision of the creation. In short, it is proposed that the Antechamber was an initiation room in which a representative of a future generation, or race, of men would experience an insight into the physics and metaphysics of the Universe, as conceived by the builders of the Pyramid.

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