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Orthodox Theory

According to Egyptologists, the Descending Passage provided the sole entrance and means of access to the Great Pyramid, and was designed primarily for the royal funeral. The Subterranean Chamber is supposed to be either an abandoned tomb chamber (the king having changed his mind as to his place of burial) or possibly a decoy tomb chamber (to persuade thieves that the burial treasures had already been plundered).

Alford Theory

The Descending Passage was built not only for the king’s burial (in the Pyramid’s lower parts) but also to provide access to the secret chamber system, or repository (in the Pyramid’s upper parts), for the benefit of a future civilisation. The entrance to the repository is the Ascending Passage, which was originally concealed by the prismatic stone which formed part of the ceiling of the Descending Passage. But there is strong evidence for the presence of a second secret passage, or a pair of such passages, in the Descending Passage, located in its side walls, about 35 to 40 feet down from the Pyramid’s main entrance. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the Descending Passage might not be the sole entrance to the Pyramid; a number of other possible entrances are discussed in my book (following J.P. Lepre, 1990).

As for the Subterranean Chamber, this cave-like room symbolised the abyss and the underworld, and would have made a most suitable tomb chamber. However, whilst it is possible that the king was buried here, the vulnerability of such a burial suggests that the Subterranean Chamber was actually a decoy tomb chamber (see explanation in Well Shaft).

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