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The appearance of our species Homo sapiens – about 180,000 years ago according to scientists’ best estimates – represents a real mystery which has yet to be explained by the theory of natural selection. The mystery is here described, and links are provided to three alternative theories which might offer a better solution.

The Mystery of Human Origins

One of the central principles of Darwinism is that ‘nature never over-endows a species beyond the needs of everyday existence’. Another guiding principle is that evolution works extremely slowly – via the selection of random genetic mutations.

How was it, then, that Homo sapiens acquired a brain which was light years beyond its survival requirements? How was it that the supposed predecessor of Homo sapiens, namely Homo erectus, increased its brain size by 50 per cent, and acquired language capability and a modern anatomy, virtually overnight in the evolutionary scheme of things?
For a detailed discussion of the improbability of human evolution – according to the theories and principles of Darwinism – please see the attached article.

The Mystery of Homo Sapiens

Is there a Better Solution?

The fundamental problems with Darwinism – specifically as it relates to the origins of Homo sapiens – have been deliberately understated by evolutionary scientists, lest an advantage accrue to the supporters of Creationism. Creationists indeed seek to exploit these weaknesses in order to argue the merits of their case – as if divine creation were a unique solution to the problems.

However, before we reject Darwinism, on the basis of its fundamental problems, we first ought to seek an improvement to the basic theory, particularly as it relates to the origins of Homo sapiens.

Below, I set out three possible refinements to the orthodox theory, each of which is controversial, but a great deal less so than Creationism. The first theory adds an initiating factor to the process of natural selection, whilst the second and third suggest revisions to the historical development of the process of natural selection. All three theories are thus consistent with the established principles of evolutionary theory.

The Soul-Substance Theory

The Aquatic Ape Theory

The Ancient Astronaut Theory

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