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The Official Alan Alford Website
The website of Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, authors of ‘The Jesus Mysteries’ and ‘Jesus and the Goddess’. An essential initiation into the true (mythical) nature of Jesus Christ and the gnostic basis of early Christianity.
The Daily Grail website provides an unrivalled daily news service, providing ample stimulation for the enquiring mind. Highly recommended.
The website of Tom Van Flandern, author of ‘Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets’, and editor of ‘Meta Research Bulletin’. Tom is the world’s leading dissident astronomer, who regularly runs rings around the academic consensus. Look out in particular for his Exploded Planet Hypothesis of the origins of comets and asteroids, and his theories about Mars.
The website of Rudolf Gantenbrink. Contains detailed descriptions and photographs of the 8-inch square shafts inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.
The website of geologist Robert Schoch, best known for his work on redating the Sphinx. Includes a guest article by Alan Alford on the Mystery of Atlantis.
The website of Phenomena Magazine - launched in America in October 2003. Claims to be "the world's finest alternative genre magazine". Sets the standard for others to follow. The website of author Robert Bauval. First port of call for all the latest news on Ancient Egypt. The latest superb online resource for ancient wisdom.


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Introduction Bookshop Exploded Planet Hypothesis Ancient Astronauts News and Views Biography
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